Our customised tours service is a great way to plan your trip according to your needs.

Every traveller dreams of that perfect travel experience, and it has never been more easy, exciting and enjoyable. As you embark on your custom designed tour following the itinerary that is truly uniquely yours.

If planning a trip is not your forte, talk to us and we will gladly take away the stress and create one that is truly for you.

4 Simple Steps to your customised trip.

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1. Submit

Upon submitting your request, one of our travel specialist will contact to you to understand your needs, and collect additional information if needed.

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2. Planning

Our specialist will initiate your travel planning according to the information collected, and send you a proposal for review.

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3. Confirm

Once the required modification is completed, simple confirm your itinerary, put down your deposit or payment, and leave the rest of your booking arrangements with us!

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4. Go

Pack for your travel, and depart with the ease of mind that you are never alone, as our Travel Specialist will be here to provide you with support throughout your trip should you need it!

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Traveling Partner

Family, classmate reunion, honeymoon, solo travel, special interest or retirement trip, travel with your lover or for any reason, all are within our creation.

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Customizable Itineraries

Going in the morning or wanting to experience the afternoon? Want to stop at this destination for 1-2 hours or choose to stay longer? You always can customize your itinerary according to your interests.

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Flexible Dates

You can pick dates you like; you also can check our website than choose the current departure date on the sample itinerary or from our Hot Tours.

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Budget or Luxury Stays – or Both

Calculate your budget and decide to upgrade. You can also mix it up with options in a must stay area or with dream accommodation in a boutique or luxury lodging.

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Add or Replace Activities

Not sure if can trust the review ratings or the provided suggestions, you can choose to replace these or add new ones. Like winery tour, hiking trail or canoed lake.

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Eat or Diet - Meals to Suit Your Needs

Michelin star restaurant follower? Dare to try local foods? Not a breakfast person? Or have any dietary preferences (Vegan or gluten-free or religious), these all can be catered to.

or browse from our curated travel plans


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