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4922 Wildlife Species
571 National Parks
19,819,000 SQ.KM of Land
368,744,805 Population

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J.T. Customized itinerary made easy with friendly and knowledgeable agents, Cal Travel was able to meet my travel needs with ease. All I had to do was present them with my ideas, and let their agents do the rest. Not only… Read More
Omeimei I was planning my 7th trip to Vancouver Island, but I was on a tight budget, so I decided to seek the help of a local travel agency with a good reputation. I really enjoyed the planning process with Alice,… Read More
I.H. 這是我第七次到維多利亞,因為預算有限,於是資詢在地口碑好的旅行社。Alice 無私的分享口袋名單,與建議最棒的路線,使我在兩天一夜裡最佳的運用時間 拜訪許多景點。從維多利亞 歐式建築、大自然、酒莊到文青世界的壁畫鎮,體驗了一個豐富的旅遊饗宴。 很期待下一次再度前往維多利亞,拜訪當地原住民文化與大自然教育。 Read More