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Atlantic “Maritime provinces” of Canada comprises four distinct provinces, each with its own charm, getaways and coastal adventures. However, the province of Newfoundland is often excluded which has a somewhat different culture and identity from the rest of the Atlantic provinces. They all, however, once played a prominent role in Canadian history, and has shaped Canadian history, culture and cuisine.


New Brunswick is the only bilingual province of Atlantic. The anglophones and francophones bring diverse cultures and histories here.

Experience the Acadie Village, sharing the story of French settlers who arrived here during the 17th,18th centuries; and Celtic culture with folk songs’ ancient legends.

For the outdoor adventurers, the Bay of Fundy brings incredible sight with the world’s highest tide. You can kayak at Hopewell Rock; or hiking into Fundy trail Parkway to be rewarded with spectacular views of coastal vistas, dramatic seaside cliffs, diverse wildlife. Enjoy the truly east coast experience.

From the Viking explorer in the early 9th century to 1949, joined the federation, becoming the most easterly province in Canada.

Here, sunrises the earliest, and its colours are more vibrant and feel Celtic ballads melody surround thousands of miles of coastline; stand on the Gros Morne National Park, discover the scenery of nature; walk through St. John’s over 500 years the colourful jellybean row houses to find sailor favours of bars or small bistro.

Fogo Island which is one of the Four Corners of the Earth! to chasing cute puffins, seabirds, flying around, amazed humpback jumping out of the water;  witness the exciting spectacle of icebergs slowly sailing in springtime. Journey in Newfoundland & Labrador, you will find nature surprises and rich historical memories.

Nova Scotia has the most population in the Atlantic province, here is the first stop for European immigrants to enter Canada, many people realize their dream of a new life here.

Follow the sea gull fly into Nova Scotia experience a province full of humanities; you can hike at Cabot Trail & Cape Breton Highland; sailing at Lunenburg with Bluenose, or visit Peggy’s Cove and Halifax Citadel to cherish the memory with history.

Feasting best seafood of lobster, scallops pairing with Alexander Keith’s brewery beer or Nova 7 by Benjamin Bridge, then last but not least travel by VIA rail departing from Halifax to experience how new immigrants started their new life on Canadian land.

Come to visit this charming region and enjoy the many activities, these adventures are awaiting for you.

The green pastoral landscape, water views and warm hospitality makeup life on Atlantic Canada’s gentle unique island. The large island is marked by red-sand beaches, lighthouses, fertile farmland, and is renowned for its world class seafood like lobster and mussels. Let the spectacular Confederation Bridge touch your heart. Let Lucy Maud Montgomery’s story, Anne of Green Gables, bring your imagination to PEI. Let the culinary & potatoes inspire you to step onto the land of PEI.

Discover Canada Atlantic Provinces

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