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a 2,000 km valley of plains, forests, and farmland, divided into three provinces

The Canadian Prairies – vast stretch of land located between the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario, comprises of over 2,000 km of plains, forests, and farmlands, divided into three provinces — Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Together, it constitute Canada’s great wheat-producing region and a major source natural resources such as petroleum, potash, and natural gas.

Discover the power of nature, and witness how the glaciation of over 10,000 years ago had shaped this land. Explore Canada’s open spaces across the prairies, and come for an experience of a lifetime.


You have seen all the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains from movies; from early 19th-century Marilyn Monroe in “River of No Return”, to the Oscar’s Best Director Ang Lee shooting “Brokeback Mountain”; Not to mention from Oscar’s Best Actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Revenant”… all of which used the Canadian Rockies as its background.

The Canadian Rockies is truly an undisputed icon of Alberta; with stunning mountain peaks, lush alpine meadows, turquoise lakes, roaring waterfalls and diverse wildlife, here is your ultimate outdoor adventure spot, whatever from the murmuring of the running water in summer or the flying snowflakes in winter; you will find a breathless beauty moment.

Saskatchewan is a prairie province, and proud homeland for the Metis. If you are an outdoor activity enthusiast, there have more than 400 campgrounds throughout the region to choose form.

For fishing lovers, the wide colourful sky with over 100,000 lakes and rivers become the best freshwater fishing sport for all anglers; If you want to try hunting, the rolling prairie with dense forest and thousands of lakes contains from ducks to moose or even bears.

Our highly professional local guides will help to make your dream come true, for that adventure of a lifetime.

If you are history and story lover, visit over 6000 years of Athabasca Sand Dunes; discover the history of Indigenous cultures in the Wanuskewin dig sites and explore the T-rex dinosaur bone fossil excavated near Eastend; another highlight is to visit Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Training Center at Regina.

Saskatchewan inspires you to experience an unique way of travel.


Manitoba its lakes and rivers, mountains, forests, and prairies stretch fusion into depth history, diverse communities, and four distinct seasons; Winnipeg was the economic and financial center of North America in the early 20th century, and many brilliant art buildings are still preserved today. Visit the Assiniboine Park zoo to immerse yourself in the famous story of “Winnie the Pooh”; walking into The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) will take you on a journey through reflection, dialogue and uniquely Canadian lens, how the power of human rights will move you.  Going to the north a thousand kilometres away, the world polar bear capital Churchill town only accessible by railroad or flight, explore their diverse wildlife, spectacular natural scenery and sharing the story of the 18th century Hudson’s Bay Company fur trade fortress. Travel to Manitoba, you won’t miss their rich history, culture and natural ecology.

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