Grand Prismatic Spring

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park Discovery Tour


– San Francisco | Salt Lake City | Grand Teton National Park | Yellowstone National Park –

Discover the unique land formations caused by geothermal activities in Yellowstone National Park; embrace the beautiful sceneries in Grand Teton National Park; and indulge yourself in Napa Valley.

Start location: San Francisco, CA
End Location: Bozeman, WY

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    • Duration 8 Day 7 Nights
    All about the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park Discovery Tour.

    Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park Discovery Tour

    From the iconic Golden Gate bridge, begin this journey from the quirky city of San Francisco where where counterculture meets high-tech.

    Inaugurate your journey with a toast onboard the Napa Valley Wine Train and soak in the view from its fully restored vintage Pullman rail cars. You will not only be treated to delicious wine from the Napa region, but will be experiencing it in style, and with a view too!

    Before flying out toward your Yellowstone, enjoy a fully guided tour of San Francisco. See the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the famous Fisherman’s Wharf, and ride on the famous San Francisco Cable Cars as you cruise down the streets of San Fran.

    Leaving Pacific Coastline and into the Western Region, you’ll get to explore Salt Lake City, United State’s “least stressed City”, and explore the Great Salt Lake Marina. Surrounded by natural wonders, this laid-back and friendly city will surprise you with its unusual past.

    Into the State of Wyoming, you will tour the Grand Tetons National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

    Outlined by the ragged, pointed peaks of the Grand Teton Mountains, Grand Tetons National Park offers incredible vistas found inside National Park boundaries. Hundreds of kilometers of trails will lead you into the striking Teton Range and grant you spectacular views that can stretch out to nearby Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park off in the distance.

    There are few places in the world like Yellowstone National Park. First spotted in 1807 by Lewis and Clark, words can hardly do justice to describe this natural beauty. With dynamic geothermal forces lurking just below the surface gave rise to its dramatic collection of mountains, rivers, canyons, springs and geysers, all surrounded by a tapestry of animals, from the largest mammals to the smallest birds. It is no wonder that since 2008, the Yellowstone National Park receives over three million visitors annually.


    Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park

    Trip Distances:

    for references only
    • San Francisco, CA – Salt Lake City, UT ( 965km / 599mi )
    • Salt Lake City, UT – Idaho Falls, ID ( 341km / 213mi )
    • Idaho Falls, ID – Jackson, WY( 142.5km / 89mi )
    • Jackson, WY – West Yellowstone, WY ( 203km / 127mi )
    • West Yellowstone, WY – Bozeman, WY ( 143km / 89mi )

    – Trip Highlights –

    calling all natural enthusiasts
    • in California:
      • San Francisco City Tour
      • San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf
      • San Francisco Cable Car
      • Napa Valley Train Wine Tasting
      • University of Berkeley
    • in Utah:
      • Salt Lake City Tour
      • Great Salt Lake Marina
    • in Idaho:
      • Idaho Falls Water Tower
    • in Wyoming:
      • Grand Tetons National Park
        • Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center
        • Lake Shore Trail
        • Jackson Lake
        • Jenny Lake
        • Chapel of the Transfiguration
      • Yellowstone National Park
        • West Thumb Geyser Basin
        • Abyss Pool
        • Fishing Bridge Visitor Center
        • Yellowstone Lake
        • Canyon Village
        • Upper & Lower Falls
        • Mud Volcano
        • Mammoth Hot Springs
        • Old Faithful Geyser
        • Midway geyser basin
        • Norris Geyser Basin Museum

    – Trip Dates –

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    1. Day 1 Welcome to San Francisco

      Welcome to San Francisco, a city of contrasts – old and new, cutting-edge and laid-back, urban and pastoral. This is a city in constant evolution.

      Upon your arrival, your tour guide will greet you and help you check-in into your hotel, and you will have the rest of the evening free to roam about and explore the city at your own pace.

        Accommodation suggestion
      The Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square (3 ) or more selective

    2. Day 2 A toast to Wine Lovers

      Today, you will be taken on a trip to near by Napa Valley, and hop on a faithfully restored vintage train car for a once in a life time wine tasting experience.

      Enjoy this three hour train ride, accompanied by a multi course lunch meal and wine pairings, and elevate your views and Valley vibes for the most elegant experience in the Vista Dome rail car.

      Afterwards, you will have time to roam the campus of University of California – Berkeley before the evening is over. Founded in 1868, UC Berkeley is frequently featured atop lists of America’s greatest learning institutions, alongside titans like Harvard, Yale, and MIT.

        Accommodation suggestion
      The Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square (3 ) or more selective

    3. Day 3 City Tours and Famous View

      Day 3 will begin with a fully guided city tour of San Francisco.

      Our experienced local guide will take you to visit places such as Union Square, Grace Cathedral, Lombard Street, and Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, all while explaining the interesting ins and outs that influenced San Francisco throughout the years. Then ride on the famous San Francisco Cable Car down to the Fisherman’s Wharf, where you will enjoy lunch, and will have plenty of time to explore.

      Later, you will be transported to San Francisco International Airport, where you will board your plane to Salt Lake City, Utah. This will be the pit stop of this next leg of your trip.

        Accommodation suggestion
      Hilton Salt Lake City Center (3 ) or more selective

    4. Day 4 The Least Stressed City of U.S.A.

      We will start the day again with an expert guided City Tour of Salt Lake City.

      Your guide will enlighten you with the interesting stories of Salt Lake City, and take you to see monumental locations such as Temple Square, Capitol Hill, (Cathedral of the Madeleine, Governor’s Mansion, University of Utah, and Brigham Young’s Estate.

      After lunch, visit the Great Salt Lake State Marina for a quick photo opportunity of the Great Salt Lake Park, before we leave for the Idaho Falls.

        Accommodation suggestion
      Hilton Garden Inn Idaho Falls (3 ) or more selective

    5. Day 5 The Grand Teton

      Today we will enter the state of Wyoming and participate in a tour of the Grand Teton National Park.

      Think of Grand Teton National Park as a place of contrasts, where one can enjoy a tranquil stroll along a nature trail or join a climbing expedition to a peak when plan for a visit. Here, you will do some light hiking activities to see be picturesque Jackson Lake and Jenny Lake, as well as Chapel of the Transfiguration, a log chapel built in 1925, offers spectacular views of the Teton Mountain Range and a majestic place to pray.

      Rest well tonight in the tranquil of the mountains.

        Accommodation suggestion
      Hampton Inn Jackson Hole (3 ) or more selective

    6. Day 6 Yellowstone National Park

      Day 6 will take you into the Yellowstone Country. But before we arrive, enjoy one more view of the Magnificat Jackson Lake at its lookout point. So have your camera ready, and take as many pictures as you can to capture this magical scenery.

      Listed as a ”World Heritage” by UNESCO, Yellowstone National Park also bares the name as ”the crown jewel of American national parks”. It is a plateau in the Rocky Mountains. Located at the intersection of three nearby states of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, covering a massive area of 2,219,789 acres or 8,983 square kilometers;

      Yellowstone National Park was originally a volcanic terrain. After the last violent volcanic eruption 600,000 years ago, erosion by the waves of the Yellowstone River, alluvial deposits during the Ice Age and the shock of crustal changes have made Yellowstone famous for its out of this world landscapes, and mind blowing geyser. In addition, there are rugged mountains, dense forests, deep lakes, rushing rivers and towering waterfalls, all are ready to make a lasting impression on you during your visit. With its diverse ecology, there are also plenty of different species for one to observe while visiting Yellowstone National Park.

      We will arrive at the destination early afternoon and the experience will immediately have an impact on you. Experience the unique landscapes and sceneries at the West Thumb Geyser Basin and Abyss Pool. Witness the power of nature that scalped the canyon, and feel the immense force of the upper and lower falls.

        Accommodation suggestion
      Kelly Inn West Yellowstone Hotel (3 ) or more selective

    7. Day 7 The Old Faithful

      Continue the immense experience of Yellowstone National Park today first by a visit to the Mammoth Hot Springs. Walk on boardwalks above the steaming hydrothermal features and have an up close and personal view of this unique feature.

      Mammoth Hot Springs are a must-see feature of Yellowstone National Park in part because they’re so different from other thermal areas in the area. This is largely because limestone is a relatively soft type of rock, allowing the travertine formations to grow much faster than other sinter formations. It has been described as looking like a cave turned inside out.

      Then, visit the Yellow Stone’s famous Old Faithful Geyser. Each eruption can vary in height from 100-180 feet with an average near 130-140 feet. This has been the historical range of its recorded height and normally last between 1.5 to 5 minutes.

      To finish the day with a bang! You will visit the Midway geyser basin, where you will see one of the most photographed feature in Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Prismatic Spring. The hot spring has bright bands of orange, yellow, and green ring the deep blue waters in the spring. The multicolored layers get their hues from different species of thermophile (heat-loving) bacteria living in the progressively cooler water around the spring.

        Accommodation suggestion
      Kelly Inn West Yellowstone Hotel (3 ) or more selective

    8. Day 8 The Bozeman

      In the morning, you will conclude your trip when you check out of your stay.
      You will be transported to Bozeman International Airport for your journey home.