Name the State of Washington was after the first U.S. president George Washington. Approximately 60 percent of residents live in the Seattle metropolitan area. Besides leading in the lumber and commercial fishing industries, company like Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and Costco all develop in the state. Coming here is not just for business; you will have the opportunity to visit rich natural landscapes; Explore Olympic National parks within a temperate rainforest at the beginning of the day; follow the steps of the sun to hike on Mount Rainier, or visit an active stratovolcano of Mount St. Helens; then stroll at Pike's Market Place, feast on a wide variety of seafood, or take a bite of the fresh crispy apple or sip a cup of coffee while enjoying the sunsets.

Major Airport:Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
Bucket List: Seattle, Pike’s Place Market, Mount Rainier Nat ’l Park, Palouse Falls, Chihuly Garden & Glass, Olympic Nat ’l Park, San Juan Islands