The American Eastern refers to the vast land from the Atlantic Ocean coast to the Mississippi River, and it is also the most densely populated area in the U.S. From the early British colonization in 1783 to later immigrants from other European countries, all participating in its development. In over 200 years, making American East a financial and political center, and the US become a world power with an advanced lifestyle; Still, here maintains its glorious history, diverse cultures and extraordinary stories, waiting for you to discover; From exploring the freedom trail at Boston; up onto the Statue of Liberty to experience the new immigrants first time landing on the American; strolling at the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall appreciate the American independence spirit; roaming at French amorous feeling of Bourbon Street listen to the jazz music with feasted Cajun cuisine, and Drive across the spectacular Seven Mile Bridge and reach Key West, the natural beauty paradise; follow your heart and dream to create an unforgettable journey